Borrow and lend Kindle ebooks


  • Request to borrow books from other site users
  • Manage lend requests easily on-site
  • Ability to add to your book list directly from Amazon's catalogue
  • Personalized book suggestions in categories


  • Many books have publisher-initiated lending prohibitions
  • Site is a little slow


Lendle lets you lend or borrow ebooks in Kindle ebook format with other site users.

If you're a Kindle owner, you're probably aware of the ability to lend out books you've bought to other Kindle users. Amazon lets you do this on a one-time-only basis for up to 14 days. But what if you don't know anyone else who owns books in Kindle format? That's where the Lendle web app comes in.

Lendle provides a free service that connects owners of Kindle ebooks so that they can accept requests to lend their books to other interested users. Sign up for an account on Lendle's site, create your profile and add books you've bought and currently own. Based on books that are considered lendable, Lendle gives you a certain number of borrow requests yourself. These let you submit requests to other Lendle users who own books you'd like to borrow for 14 days. It's up to the user who actually owns the book to approve your request. Once approved, the book is all yours to enjoy for that two week period before being returned to the original owner.

Unfortunately, a lot of book authors and publishers don't allow their books to be lent out, greatly reducing the usability of Lendle's service and cutting the amount of books that can be shared from user to user. Amazon also has a policy of only allowing a user to lend each book one time, so once you accept a lend request on one of your books, you can no longer lend it out to anyone else in the future. This is more a downside to Amazon's service, however, as Lendle is simply complying with Kindle regulations. Right now, book lending is only available to US users as well.

Lendle is a useful service for anyone who'd like to share Kindle ebooks across the web.

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